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About Our Personnel at CCS

Mike O'Brien
Mike is the president of CCS. He has an extensive programming and software design background. Mike has installed or assisted inhouse and e-commerce software for over 500 companies during the past 35 years. He lives in Auburn, California with his wife, Patty.
CCS President Mike OBrien
Senior Programmer Casey OBrien Casey O'Brien
Casey has worked at CCS since 1995. He is the senior IT consultant at CCS. He has extensive experience with e-commerce websites. Casey also is the main technical person for network setup and configuration, Windows, Linux support, and Web support. Casey lives in Lincoln, California with his wife, Carolyn and two boys, Michael and Shane.
Scott Walsh
Scott is the Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for CCS. He has a long career working in Public Relations and Marketing for such notable companies, as Nike, Cobra Golf, and Orlimar. Scott is the newest member of the CCS team. He lives in Antelope, California with his wife, Monica, and son, Jack.
VP Marketing - Scott Walsh
VP - Events - Patty O'Brien Patty O'Brien
Patty is Vice President of the Event Promotion division of CCS. She has been part of the CCS team for 10 years. She lives in Auburn, California with her husband Mike.
Monica Walsh
Monica has been on board with CCS since 1995. She has a degree in International Relations and uses her skills to negotiate overseas sales, and handle import/export issues. She lives in Antelope, California with her husband Scott, and their son, Jack.
Monica walsh

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