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strategic alliances and associations

CCS has many key alliances with companies that support and complement Open Systems Accounting Software (OSAS), and Traverse Accounting Software. Below is a list of these companies and a brief description.

Open Systems Inc.
CCS has been a dealer for Open Systems (OSAS) products since 1978. CCS provides business solutions using both their Open Systems Accounting Software (OSAS) and Traverse packages.

RLA and Associates
Rennie, Lindsey and Associates, Inc. provides software and hardware products and consulting services for distributors and manufacturers. CCS, an authorized reseller of their Assist2K Accounting Software solution.

Basis Intl.
BASIS International Ltd. provides more than 7,000 application software developers high-quality, innovative software tools to create reliable, scalable and cost-effective business applications. BASIS software products are the foundation of thousands of mission-critical systems with more than 1.7 million end users in industries as varied as banking to manufacturing to health care.

They are located in Albuquerue, New Mexico. CCS has been using the Basis development platforms since the early 80s.

Third Dimension Systems, Inc.
Founded in 1986, Third Dimension provides technology solutions, predominantly in the manufacturing arena.

Third Dimension Systems has served over 1,200 customers in North, Central, and South America. Initially providing a Materials Management application coupled with custom software programming, Third Dimension now has a full Manufacturing Suite of products, as well as a Simplified Customer Relations Management package.

DTR Business Systems
DTR was founded in 1983 and provides resellers like CCS with reliable hardware, software and other technical solutions. They have one of the most dependable team of professionals available. Their hardware and operating system expertise, especially for Unix-based systems, is unsurpassed.

FacetCorp Located in Dallas, Texas, develops communications and connectivity solutions that enhance the productivity of computer systems users. Founded as Structured Software Solutions in 1979, FacetCorp was spun out as a separate, privately held corporation in 1996. FacetCorp is committed to exceeding customer expectations by providing solutions targeted to enhance the productivity and communications of computer systems users.

Score / American Soccer Company
SCORE, American Soccer Company, Inc. is dedicated to the sport of soccer. They use OSAS Accounting software exclusively to run their business. For those of you who use the Cogran Sports Management Software, SCORE is an excellent source for jerseys, shorts, socks, goalkeeper gear, warm-ups, coaches gear, accessories, soccer balls, shin guards, field equipment, bags and referee gear. They specialize in team packaging, which means all uniforms are packed "Ready to Play" for easy distribution.

NAI Capital/Peter Donnellan
Peter Donnellan of NAI Capital specializes in procuring office, industrial, commercial and investment properties in the Los Angeles area.
Services include:
  • Sale/Lease of existing facilities
  • Sale/Leaseback Transactions
  • Land Acqusitions
  • Property Valuations
  • Business Plan Analysis
  • Property Availability Studies
  • Lease VS Buy Analysis

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