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Want to go paperless? Scan in and digitize your business. Throw out those filing cabinets. Search and find any document or image in seconds.

Go Paperless! It's easy!

What is Capture Plus?

Capture Plus is a software application that can process image documents (and virtually any other file type) automatically into a folder scheme of your choice. Many sophisticated technologies are used during this process. The processing steps are user definable; allowing you to customize the steps to maximize the performance.

How is Capture Plus unique?

* Capture Plus was designed to be easy to use; yet very powerful and flexible.
* All Capture Plus installations are guaranteed, because thorough testing of your ACTUAL documents and processes are conducted BEFORE implementation.
* Capture Plus is not only a world class capture program, but it also provides for unlimited user retrieval (multiple ways) at no additional cost.
* Capture Plus was designed in an "open architecture" environment which means you use free tools from Microsoft and Adobe.
* Capture Plus is the value leader in capture solutions. (Its priced rock-bottom)
* Capture Plus has installations throughout the world.
* Capture Plus can process WITHOUT manual indexing by designing the workflows as operator unattended.
* Capture Plus can interface with YOUR accounting system data for purposes of VALIDATION and EXTRACTION.
* Capture Plus interfaces seamlessly to many document management systems.
* Capture Plus has no "click" or volume pricing. One price allows unlimited document processing.
* With Capture Plus, you may choose the image format you want to use for your Repository Folder. (PDF, Tif, JPG)
* With Capture Plus, you may validate data using ANY ODBC compliant database for retrieval.
* Capture Plus can dynamically create friendly Windows folders for Explorer navigation.
* Capture Plus provides user managed hierarchal pull down lists and sophisticated masks for manipulating data.
* Capture Plus can process multiple document types simultaneously AND UNATTENDED. (BIG labor savings)

Overview of Capture Plus:

Capture Function

from Hot Folder- this feature provides capturing and processing of scanned images (or virtually any file type) from devices (MFP’s and desktop scanners) throughout the enterprise. It is device independent. That is, buy or use and scanner you wish. Capture Plus doesnt care. It will recognize virtually any doument you have scanned in.

Process Function

Forms Recognition- This very powerful optional module performs template matching, forms registration and OMR. When combined with the Workflow Loader component, unrelated documents can be placed in a scanner and the software will process them automatically.

Workflow Loader Function

This is the ability to load a workflow based upon the “value” of any variable; such as, file name, folder name, OCR result, Barcode data, etc.

Zone and full OCR Function

Zone OCR is very useful to create automated flows which preclude the need for manual indexing. Full OCR can create searchable PDF’s.

ODBC Functionality
Microsoft ODBC Indexing with database lookup. This sophisticated component provides for user defined indexing fields, links with front end databases for validation and extraction, on-line document separation, filters and masks to refine data, etc. This component is the engine that drives this application.

Bar code recognition

Bar codes can be used for data gathering and document splitting logic.

Convert to PDF

Convert the image from TIF to PDF automatically after updating the metadata with the indexing data.

Convert PDF to Tif

This component is used when the "source" image is PDF; however, the designer wishes to take advantage of the tif processing features of Capture Plus.

Metadata writer

Used when the captured (source) image format is PDF, this component is used to update the metadata with indexing information.


This component provides for imprinting user defined data onto the ultimate repository image format.

Tif Processing

Ability to auto-straighten, despec, rotate and split tif documents.


Publish to Folder- create user defined folder/file structures using system and workflow variables created during the user defined workflow processes.

Publish to Database

This component includes the Publish to Folder capability but also allows for writing to virtually any backend database via ODBC drivers.

Publish to TXT

Creation of user defined .txt structures using accumulated workflow variables.


Choose to find your documents using Capture Plus or select from many other document inquiry platforms


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What functions are included with Capture Plus ?

Capture Plus is a “front end” capture and processing system for several document management systems or it can operate as a standalone product. Functions available are: zone OCR (used to convert specified areas within document to text for purposes of database validation (ODBC), full OCR for creating searchable PDF’s, front end database validation and extraction, choice of backend databases for retrieval , sophisticated user-definable indexing techniques, choice of repository image formats (Tif, PDF, etc), optional bar code recognition (1D and 2D), Forms Recognition, Forms Registration and OMR, and standard Windows Explorer dynamic folder structures.

How is Capture Plus different than other “capture” applications?

Capture Plus was developed using an “open” architecture design. All file structures and images are non-proprietary. Images are captured by monitoring standard Windows folders and subfolders. Capture Plus processes images and files through a series of user definable steps, then publishes the images to Windows Explorer. The indexing data is written to a variety of backend databases and DMS systems for retrieval purposes. Capture Plus offers considerable value when compared to other “capture” programs because it is easy to use and highly functional. The price is fixed, not based upon usage (clicks).

What scanners or multi-function devices are compatible with Capture Plus?

Capture Plus is device independent. If the scanning device can produce a Tif or a PDF image, then Capture Plus can process it.

How is Capture Plus licensed?

The license for Capture Plus is for each “indexing” station(s). Indexing stations can process multiple automated workflows simultaneously. A dongle is used for license protection. A complete demonstration package is available for download and evaluation.

How is the investment in Capture Plus protected?

The non-proprietary design of Capture Plus protects the investment. Capture Plus utilizes the standard Windows file structure before publishing to any ODBC database. The risk associated with using Capture Plus is measured by the risk associated with selecting Microsoft Windows as the preferred platform.

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