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Computer Consulting
& Software, Inc.
400 China Rose Ct. 
Lincoln, CA 95648
Phone:  949-855-9020
Fax:       949-855-8921
OSAS and Traverse data migration and Conversion Data Migration

Converting and migrating data since 1970.
Let CCS help you get your data moving:
Need help converting data from one package to another?
CCS has been converting data from un-like systems since 1970.
ASCII, EBCDIC, Hex, Klingon...doesnít bother us.
If our programming staff canít do it, it canít be doneÖ

Donít want to rekey all that data?
CCS has creative solutions to solve that problem.

Give our tech support staff a call and chat with us about your Data Migration needsÖ

Computer Consulting & Software
Phone: (949) 855-9020
Fax: (949) 855-8921
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