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OSAS and BBX / Vpro5 database and file repair Database Repair

Database failure? Virus infect it? Need to repair or retrieve data? CCS can help.
Database repair utilities are at our fingertips:
Got Bad Data?

Computers crash, power failures occur, viruses infect and sometimes data just gets clobbered and you just canít tell how.

CCS specializes in repairing clobbered data for bbx and Vpro5 data files, as well as (some) Access files, string files and others.

We do NOT try to retrieve data off a physically damaged disk drive. Please do not send us bad drives.

CCS has an extensive set of database repair utilities. Please call our tech support department to discuss your needs.

Need to do a mass change within your data file?
We can do that, too. Our programmers are available to quickly write a one-shot for any emergency data manipulation you require.

Computer Consulting & Software
Phone: (949) 855-9020
Fax: (949) 855-8921
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