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unencrypt bbx / vpro5 / pro5 programs Unencrypt BBX Programs

Just another one of our unique services...
Unencrypting BBX programs:
Unencrypt BBX

The BBX and Pro5/Vpro5 language from Basis International have the ability to "protect" a user from viewing source code of any program, by saving it in protected mode. This is done using the "SAVEP" command. Once saved this way, the program can always be executed but never again can the source code be viewed (or at least that is what many believe).

Some software developers do this for security or anti-piracy reasons.

It is not generally known, but it is possible to un-encrypt such a protected program. CCS has that ability, which we only provide under dire circumstances, and only to companies and/or individuals who can convince us that the source code belongs to them and that the unprotected version is lost or not available.

Very few other companies can provide this service.

If you are a programmer or end-user who has need of un-encrypting a bbx program, please call the CCS tech support department to discuss.

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Phone: (949) 855-9020
Fax: (949) 855-8921
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