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The three enterprise-level Accounting packages shown below have thousands of installations world-wide and although similar in functionality, each has distinctives that may appeal to particular companies. Check out the details of each then call us to discuss which might be the best fit for your business.
OSAS - Open Systems Accounting Software


Open Systems Accounting Software (OSAS) is a powerful, award-winning accounting and business management system from OSI Corp. that is flexible and easy to customize to your requirements. Built on a tradition of success, OSAS is designed to be easy to learn and use. A proven industry leader, OSAS will help meet your needs and expectations now and in the future.

OSAS has many advantages. Which one do you want?

You want Stability?
You got it. After 35 years and tens of thousands of installations world-wide, OSAS provides an award-winning business solution that is well proven by real-world users.

You want Free Source Code?
You got it. OSAS provides source code for all applications at no additional cost.The OSAS product is written in BBj (Business Basic / Java) by Basis Intl. It is easily customizable and lightning fast. Providing this source code protects your investment and encourages customization to meet your company’s unique needs and changing market conditions.

You want Available Strong Support?
You got it. Several hundred authorized value added resellers sell, support and customize Open Systems products. We here at CCS are one of those resellers and our tech support service is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,

How about Platform Portability? You got it. The BBj and VPro/5 language is portable across many platforms. With OSAS, you can choose the platform that suits your business: Windows, Linux, Mac, or AIX. In addition, OSAS has a high performance, cost-effective client/server solution that provides high-end platform flexibility and scalability.

You want Unlimited Growth? You got it. From mom and pop businesses with 3 workstations to large 200 workstation ERP solutions for the corporate environment, OSAS can handle it.

Do you want a module tailored for a specific industry?
You can have that, too. OSAS offers a number of featured vertical applications, including manufacturing, construction, medical, garment, non-profit, point-of-sale, service dispatch, project costing, time and billing, warehousing, and many, many others.

Looking for Other features?
OSAS offers advanced reporting capabilities, ecommerce solutions, handheld data collection device interfaces, time clock interfaces, fingerprint and/or signature verification device interfaces and more. And don’t forget, OSAS is one of the only major accounting software suites in its market category to run on Linux and Mac.

What are you waiting for? Give our friendly staff a call at 949-855-9020.

Traverse Accounting Software


TRAVERSE Accounting Software is the business management backbone for many small, growing and mid-market companies. Also designed by OSI Corporation, TRAVERSE offers advanced reporting capabilities, ecommerce solutions, specialized modules for manufacturing and distribution, and a number of featured vertical applications.

TRAVERSE provides these key advantages. Which one are you looking for?

Looking for Microsoft Technology?
TRAVERSE uses an industry-standard .NET framework, SQL Server databases, and contains built-in customization tools to maintain modifications without breaking the system. TRAVERSE was designed 100% using proven Microsoft technology, including seamless integration with Microsoft Office and BackOffice products.

Looking for Value?
The TRAVERSE application suite delivers a comprehensive set of solutions with an incredible price-to-performance ratio in its market category.

Looking for Scalability?
CCS can deliver a TRAVERSE solution to meet the needs of any size company. For small companies, the TRAVERSE Business Edition provides an entry-to-middle market solution for 2 to12 users. The TRAVERSE Enterprise Edition is a mid-market ERP solution featuring a proven client/server design and enterprise-wide scalability. It is intended for 12 or more workstations.

Looking for Web Integration?
TRAVERSE includes several eBusiness modules that allow you to easily integrate your back office operations with your online strategy.

Looking to get the Source Code?
No problem. TRAVERSE source code is provided at no additional cost. Giving you the Microsoft Access and SQL code protects your investment, and encourages customization to support unique client needs and changing market conditions.

Looking for certain features? Can’t help you here because there’s not enough room to list them all . . . Just be assured that TRAVERSE is feature-rich and report-rich. Generally…
Intuitive functionality
Excel-based financial reporting and custom reports
Drill down capabilities
Graphing capabilities
Web interfaces
Various device interfaces
(See your dealer for a complete list)

Looking for software for a very small business?
TRAVERSE has a solution for small companies with as few as 2 workstations.

Looking for an ERP solution for the large corporate environment?
TRAVERSE is perfect for the mid-market company that needs a Windows-based enterprise-wide solution up to 200 workstations.

Looking for Other features?
TRAVERSE offers advanced reporting capabilities, ecommerce solutions, handheld data collection device interfaces, time clock interfaces, fingerprint and/or signature verification device interfaces and more. TRAVERSE also has specialized modules for manufacturing, Point-of-Sale, Service Dispatch, Project Costing and other featured vertical applications.

Addon Software


AddonSoftware® from Basis Intl combines the best of both worlds – an ERP framework with ready-made modules that serve as a foundation for any company’s accounting needs.
Addon has practical, affordable, feature-rich, and easy-to-use enterprise-wide software applications and has offered them for businesses for more than 30 years. The Commercial Open Source concept from AddonSoftware allows tailor-made solutions and out-of-the-box functionality but with completely free source code that also allows as much customization as necessary from the many BBx/BBJ software developers around the world. CCS Inc is one of those companies.

Addon is built on the Barista® Application Framework.
This allows a new productivity leap forward in GUI development. Barista is BASIS’ GUI-only data dictionary-driven development framework and runtime engine. Barista facilitates:
• New GUI application development
• Conversion of CUI applications to GUI
• Modernization of existing GUI applications

Barista is database independent and works with both modern SQL RDBMS as well as legacy BASIS file types. Barista delivers enormous productivity gains on both initial product development and, more importantly, on future application maintenance and enhancement tasks.

Since AddonSoftware is built with Barista, it inherits all of the utilities that BBj and Barista-based applications inherit. Additionally, AddonSoftware has been designed to allow for easy integration with your new verticals. The Accounting, Distribution, and Manufacturing bundles include the following modules:

  • Accounting
    • Accounts Payable
    • Accounts Receivable
    • General Ledger
  • Distribution
    • Inventory Control
    • Sales Order Processing
    • Purchase Order Processing
    • Sales Analysis
  • Manufacturing
    • Bill of Materials
    • Shop Floor Control
  • Payroll

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