About our Tech Support service:


 When is tech support available?
CCS has Support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No extra charges for nights or weekends.


 What does CCS support? 
CCS supports the following:

  1. Data file damage recovery for OSAS and AddOn Software files or any legacy BBx/Pro5/Vpro5 files
  2. Aborts and errors in OSAS, AddOn and Traverse
  3. Software modificatons for OSAS, AddOn and Traverse
  4. Custom BBx / Vpro5 / Pro5 / BBj programs
  5. Custom data collection programs for mobile devices
  6. Training for for OSAS, AddOn and Traverse
  7. Unform design, layout, interface and troubleshooting
  8. Voip setup, installation and troubleshooting
  9. Facetphone installation, setup and troubleshooting
  10. Disk drive damage recovery
  11. Network setup installation and troubleshooting
  12. Windows troubleshooting
  13. Linux/Unix/AIX issues and troubleshooting
  14. Data migration / export of BBx / Pro5 / Vpro5 / BBj data files
  15. Unencrypt legacy BBX/ Pro5 / Vpro5 programs
  16. Assistance with interfacing OSAS/AddOn/Traverse to an e-commerce solution
  17. Website design and implementation (WordPress / Drupal / Joomla)
  18. Website troubleshooting
  19. Graphic layout and design


 Can you access our computers remotely?
Yes. In fact we require all customers provide us with remote access. There are many third party Remote Connectivity packages that allow us to access your servers and/or workstations remotely.


 How do you charge for tech support?
CCS bills by the hour for the call, billed to the closest tenth of an hour increment. There is a six minute minimum charge for any support call. Whether you call for a tech support question, training, a quick programming modification, an operating system change, or whatever, the hourly rate is the same. ($120/hr as of Dec 2017). If the call requires us to do some research and call you back, you will be charged for the time of the call plus any extra work we do.


   Do I pay by credit card when I call for assistance?
No. Not once you become a regular customer. Just call and identify yourself. When the call is complete we will note the time. Every two weeks we will send you an invoice for any support calls you have made.  Our payment terms are Net Due Upon Receipt. Payment can be made using credit card, Paypal, ACH check or you can mail a check.


   Are there any extra charges for nights or weekends?
Nope. The same hourly rate applies any day, any time.


   Do you offer a flat monthly, quarterly or annual support contract?
Sorry. There are no monthly or annual contracts for tech support or maintenance. If you dont need us, you dont pay. If you need us every day, you pay appropriately. By the way, the manuals and online help functions are very good. If you do call us, you pay for exactly how much support you needed.


   How can I keep support charges to a minimum?

Do the following:

1. If it is a “How do I . . .” question, make sure you’ve read the manual first. Many calls are unnecessary because the answer is either in your manual or available while in the software from the Help function. If you cant locate an acceptable answer in the documentation, by all means call us.
2. If there is an error message involved, make sure if you have written it down EXACTLY as it appeared on the screen. Or take a snapshot of teh screen. If possible, call while it is still showing. Be prepared to describe the last several things you did before there was a problem. For instance, what menu you were at, what function you had just done (eg Time card entry), what customer had you just entered, etc.
3. Know what operating system you are running. (eg, Windows 7/8/10, Linux, Mac, etc).
4. Make sure remote software is available and running (if you are Windows).
5. If report output is involved, email us a sample page first, and note the problem on the sheet.
6. Invest in training from CCS. A little up-front training will eliminate many support calls over the years.
7. Cross-train personnel within your department or company. Have senior people train down the line.


   Can you help us onsite?
Sure if you prefer, but it is seldom necessary. Over 99% of all calls can be resolved without coming to your location. The hourly rate is the same if you request us to personally come to your location, but we will have to charge you extra for travel time.


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