Other Services

CCS also provides 24/7 tech support, training and consulting for various other IT-related needs as listed below.


Data Migration

Need help converting data from one package to another?
CCS has been converting data from un-like systems since 1970.
ASCII, EBCDIC, XML, JSON, Binary, Hex, Klingon…doesn’t bother us.
If our programming staff can’t do it, it can’t be done…

Don’t want to re-key all that data?
CCS has creative solutions to solve that problem.

Give our tech support staff a call and chat with us about your Data Migration need

Custom Business Basic Programming

No matter what version of Business Basic you have, we have the experience.
CCS has been developing in the various Business Basic languages since 1978. We have several full-time Business Basic programmers on staff.
What platform do you have? BBx, VPro5, Pro5, BBj, Thoroughbred, SMC, Providex? . . . it doesn’t matter what flavor of Business Basic you have. We can help.
CCS has the Business Basic design experience to develop new state of the art solutions for any industry or application, as well as maintain existing or even old legacy Business Basic modules.

Give us a call to discuss your needs.

Database Repair

Database repair utilities are at our fingertips:
Got Bad Data?

Computers crash, power failures occur, viruses infect and sometimes data just gets clobbered and you just can’t tell how.
CCS specializes in repairing clobbered data for bbx and Vpro5 data files, as well as (some) Access files, string files and others.
We do NOT try to retrieve data off a physically damaged disk drive. Please do not send us bad drives.
CCS has an extensive set of database repair utilities. Please call our tech support department to discuss your needs.
Need to do a mass change within your data file?
We can do that, too. Our programmers are available to quickly write a one-shot for any emergency data manipulation you require.


Unencrypt BBx/Pro5/VPRO5

The BBx and Pro5/Vpro5 language from Basis International have the ability to “protect” a user from viewing source code of any program, by saving it in protected mode. This is done using the “SAVEP” command. Once saved this way, the program can always be executed but never again can the source code be viewed (or at least that is what many believe).

Some software developers do this for security or anti-piracy reasons.

It is not generally known, but it is possible to un-encrypt such a protected program. CCS has that ability, which we only provide under dire circumstances, and only to companies and/or individuals who can convince us that the source code belongs to them and that the unprotected version is lost or not available.

Very few other companies can provide this service.

If you are a programmer or end-user who has need of unencrypting a BBx program, please call the CCS tech support department to discuss. Note: We cannot unencrypt any program Saved in the newer BBj


CCS Inc can provide training in the following subjects:

  • OSAS Accounting Software
  • Traverse Accounting Software
  • AddOn Accounting Software
  • Unform Software
  • Facetphone Software
  • CanIt Spam Filter Software
  • BBX/Pro5/Vpro5/BBj Coding, troubleshooting or error correction
  • Linux/Unix/AIX scripts or debugging
  • Website Development

Hardware and Network Installation

CCS can assist you in setting up your network.
Do you have a dozen various Windows workstations scattered around the building, maybe two down the street in a warehouse, and they’re not sharing files?
Okay, we can help.
Do you have Windows workstations with a Linux server?
No problem. Been there, done that.
Want to give your Nome, Alaska branch remote access to your server?
Okay. Can do.
Want the ability to work on your company’s computer from home? Piece of cake.
Call to discuss your network needs. We can make recommendations, provide hardware, and install software.

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